Planning the first photoshoot for your new label? Here are our do’s and don’ts to ensure every shoot is a success!

You’ve spent months upon months pouring blood, sweat and tears into creating the perfect garment for your collection, and soon it will be time to release your product to market! Even though your garment might look a million bucks to hold in your hands, it is imperative that the rest of the world fully understands the look and feel of your brand. Investing in a professional, sleek and captivating photoshoot is just one of the ways to get you there. Read below for our list of helpful pointers when sourcing talent, photographers and locations to ensure that every shoot is a success.

Firstly, before any photoshoot you need to have established a strong vision of your brand identity. If you’re at this stage, read an earlier blog of our’s for pointers here.

So much subtle information can be derived from the photography that surrounds your brand. Whether through print media, or online across store website or social media, customers can gauge the quality of your product, price point and suitability just off one photo. So let’s make every image count!

The subject of your photos is completely up to you. Sourcing a model for a product photoshoot can often be an effective choice. There are a plethora of agencies available to you by simply jumping on the internet, but make sure you do your research! We highly recommend reviewing social media pages and websites for any feedback before selecting an agency. This goes for the selection process for photographers as well. Make sure they specialise in fashion and portraiture too. There is a huge difference between a portrait and landscape photographer!

Ensure you are selecting a model that represents the look and feel of your brand. They will be comfortable and practiced in delivering the right look you are searching for.

Before booking your model, discuss the possibility of a fitting trial prior to committing to anything. If they are able to come in, meet in person and have a trial, this is another step in ensuring you have made the right choice for your brand.

Details, details, details! It is so easy to be swept away in the excitement of your product, but always remember to pay attention to the finer details; outfit choices, styling, props and location. These are further points that need to be ironed out when creating your mood/ vision board. Your photographer, makeup and hair stylists also need to understand your vision prior to the shoot. Do not expect anyone else to understand your brand without clear direction.

When you book your photographer, have a clear understanding of their fee structure and what your booking entails. Will you receive all photos taken? Or will you only receive the ones that have been edited? Contracts and filing of all correspondence is recommended to ensure all parties are on the same page prior to the day and you can refer back to a written agreement if anything arises.

Also consider how you will be using the photos. A brand with an ample supply of professional imagery often looks fantastic on social media. Think about whether it would be an option for behind the scenes photos to be taken of the model whilst on set.
Are you wanting to create banners or flyers with the imagery? Keep in mind what artwork you will format for promotional purposes. Landscape images with plenty of white space will be ideal for this.

Timing is everything! When it comes to a successful photoshoot being ahead of the clock will be your best friend. Prior to the day ensure every person involved has been clearly communicated with, receiving a detailed timeline of where you expect each stage to happen. Call and confirm parking, bump in time and whether they have any special requests. It is valuable to consider refreshments and special requirements for the day to make sure everyone is happy and the day goes smoothly.

Furthermore, always make sure your model is comfortable working in their surroundings. Create a private dressing room/ green room for them to prepare and make outfit changes. Quick outfit changes are essential to ensure the day keeps running to plan. Have every outfit mapped out prior, knowing the styling to match each.

An outside location for your shoot might be the perfect thing to suit the look of your brand. However, if in the case of inclement weather, taking a rain check (pun intended!) might not be possible. Always have a plan B up your sleeve.