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The crucial process of pattern grading

Pattern Grading

Whenever you are looking to create a range of clothing, pattern grading is a critical step in the process. So, what is pattern grading, and what are your choices, or more importantly, how do you read behind the lines of others’ opinions on what is the best path to take? In simple words, pattern grading…

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Are you paying too much for your pattern making process?

Pattern Making Process

Are you paying too much for your pattern making process?  When you are not really thinking about the process or you are unsure about the best pathway for your patterns, you might waste time and leave money on the table. In today’s video, I am sharing my expert tips and insider information to help you…

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Cost of starting a fashion label

Starting A Fashion Label Australia

One of the biggest questions we hear all the time is about the cost of starting a fashion label.  There are some rough numbers that are easy to give you and there are costs that need a detailed investigation to give you an accurate price. Offshore manufacturing is different again, with a production price given…

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The Cost of Freight…Are You Being Ripped Off?

Freight Costs In The Fashion Industry

When it comes to offshore pricing and local pricing for freight, you are not comparing apples with apples but more so, apples with oranges… If you have just received a quote from a freight company for the products you have made and now you are wondering if it is a rip-off or if it is…

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Celebrating manufacturing and suppliers in the fashion industry

Manufacturing And Suppliers In The Fashion Industry

In my last blog, I spoke about one of the major issues that we need to address for the survival of the fashion industry in Australia: the exclusion of the pattern makers, makers and manufacturers and the lack of opportunities available to them within the public sphere. I believe it is really important to highlight…

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