Fashion, non-wearable and clothing development

Some of our current and former clients

Sample Room is Australia’s leading fashion, non-wearable and clothing development business. Located in Collingwood, Melbourne, we work with clients all over Australia and the world to bring their dreams to life.

The Sample Room team has more than 150 years of collective experience in clothing development, including pattern making, sampling, grading, markers, detailed specifications / tech packs and manufacturing.

Sampleroom Logos 0002 Harlow

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without having found the Sample room. We look at the Sample Room as an extension of our team, both listening and giving great feedback and advice on how to get the best fitting design possible. When they work on a project they are 100% focused, treating each project with the utmost care and respect. I have and will continue to recommend them to fellow designers, a truly talented team.”

Sampleroom Logos 0004 Marla Swim

Launched in 2019, Marla Swim is an Australian made premium swimwear brand. “We have been specific in creating swimsuits for the proudly modern, cultured and confident woman, that chooses to suit her best self and admires the beauty in simplicity.”

Andrea Lucy

“I had worked for YEARS trying to get my fashion label off the ground and it wasn’t until I found Julia and her amazing, talented team at Sample Room, that I was finally able to realise my dream.

Finding a pattern maker willing to work with a fashion start up is incredibly difficult and I knew about the Mentor ship program for a whole year before finally committing to it. I know it may seem like a lot of money (and it really isn’t, now that I look back on it) but it is worth every single cent.

The mentor program taught me all of the things fashion that school left out. After completing the course, I was able to confidently design, manufacture and launch my own business.

It has been a really rocky road and I have faced quite a few disappointments in businesses who promised one thing but delivered another. I can say with absolute certainty that Sample Room is the most professional supplier I have dealt with to date.

Julia and her team really care about each designer and I have felt supported and confident in each process from design to pre production sample. The quality of the patterns all the way through to manufacturing is exemplary. I am one fussy customer and even my high standards have been satisfied.

I consider myself one incredibly happy customer. Thank you SO much Julia for bringing my label to life!”

Sampleroom Logos 0003 Harry Pop

If you’re looking to start a fashion label but you’re overwhelmed by what’s involved Sample Room will walk you through the process step-by-step, holding your hand the entire way. I had a dream to start a children’s swimwear label but with a background in PR I was drowning in an industry I knew very little about (and making plenty of costly mistakes along the way). The lovely ladies at Sample Room helped make my dreams a reality and a year later we launched a beautiful/high quality/ecofriendly and ethical range. I honestly couldn’t have done it without Sample Room. The support/guidance/advice I received was priceless. And with my ‘official’ program complete the girls are still happy to answer any question I have and continue to mentor me today.

“The fashion industry is fickle. It’s very hard to get a straight answer when starting out. Everyone is vague and to be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s because no one wants to take on a start-up label. That’s where Sample Room saved the day! Finally, some transparency! Before finding Sample Room we found that no one would commit to a deadline. Days (sometimes weeks) would pass before we heard back. Costing estimates simply weren’t given which makes budgeting impossible. Be wary of this and expect to be in limbo for a while.”

We first met Lauren a number of months earlier before, as she will mention on the blog, she went down another path which was not so successful. We were more than happy when she called us back as we knew we could get her label and her dreams back on track. Lauren has been such a pleasure to work with because she understands the difference it makes with quality pattern making, sample making and manufacturing and how it feels when you are fully supported in your journey.

Aio Merino

“Here at ioMerino, we’re incredibly grateful for the Sample Room’s assistance in developing our premium range of merino wool outdoor clothing garments. As we specialise in technical garments, the Sample Room bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling merino wool fabrics, plus technical knowledge in developing and grading of patterns for active wear clothing. They’re able to develop our required design styles through a sketch and always have a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Their ability to work on our pattern and sample needs with efficiency, despite being in another state also helps to make the whole process seamless.”

Sampleroom Logos 0005 Shade

“Sha-de is Sample Room’s in house label. A range of locally knitted and made lifestyle garments for women and children. Ethically made from bamboo and technically knitted for high sun protection, you will be surprised to know just how fashionable sun protection can be. See more at Our own brand also enables us to share and understand the stories and experiences of running a fashion business which we pass on to our clients to help develop their own successful labels.”

Sampleroom Logos 0009 Sovereignhill

“Sovereign Hill Costume Department has worked with Sample Room for multiple projects, some of which required developing intricate detailed garments at museum replica quality. The Sample Room’s expertise in fit has been invaluable, ensuring that our vast range of sizes fits well and is consistent across styles. We have also used Pattern Room for basic garment styles, knowing that the design and fit has been fine-tuned without the costs of starting from scratch.”

Bird Logo

“The biggest thing that I have learnt is that there is just so much involved in starting a fashion label, and that’s where Sample Room has been invaluable. They make sure that nothing is forgotten and walk you through each step of the process. There is definitely no way that I would have been able to develop a range and launch without the support and guidance from Sample Room.”


“Sample Room has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Julia and her team are responsive and proactive at every contact point. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any other business seeking their services.”

Sampleroom Logos 0000 Akilah

“Akilah is a luxury activewear label for curvy women. My aim is to promote body positivity and diversity in the industry and to help women feel confident, strong and beautiful just the way they are. Before coming to Sample Room, I was lost as to where to even begin and to be honest, I was very overwhelmed. I definitely do recommend getting some guidance and support especially when you don’t know the industry and getting in touch with the right contacts.”


“Immokalee Designs is an Australian based women’s apparel label.
We should always feel graceful and empowered in the clothes we wear; for our clothes represent our style, and our style is what sets us apart.

We have our first on shore manufactured stock (the Fame Palazzo Pant) which are proudly crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

Each individual piece is carefully curated and designed to deliver the highest quality garment. By producing only a select number of each garment, we ensure exclusivity to our customers and maintain excellent quality, luxury items.”

Sampleroom Logos 0008 Alice Bright

“Alice Bright officially launched the debut collection for Alice Bright The Label in 2019. The Label is an independent fashion brand based in Melbourne, Australia. All of Alice’s luxe designs are made-to-order and handcrafted in Melbourne. Alice is inspired by luxurious, textured fabrics which are featured throughout her collections. Each fabric has been handpicked by the designer to ensure they fit her design aesthetic bringing timeless elegance to each design.”

Sampleroom Logos 0007 Raw Luxury

“Raw Luxury is an ethical Australian clothing label that has a LOVE for all things natural. We offer a select range of quality garments made from natural fibres only. All our garments are lovingly & ethically made in Australia. Simple minimalist design paired with quality natural fabric is what Raw Luxury is all about. We believe in SLOW fashion. Our garments are made to last, they are kind to the environment and kind to your skin. All good things take time. We will slowly and ethically continue to expand our range to offer you a variety of quality garments that you will value for years to come.”

Expertise in development

For all your fashion, non-wearable textile product and clothing development, Sample Room has the team and capabilities in place to help. Our workroom is located in Collingwood, near the heart of Melbourne and the traditional home of the industry in Melbourne.

While clothing development forms the bulk of the work undertaken, there has been a steady increase in non-wearable textile product development. The fundamentals remain the same, the skillsets to execute remain the same, Sample Room has these. So if it fashion, clothing or non-wearable textile products you are looking to development, Sample Room can assist.