Pattern Grading

Sample Room offers pattern grading services for patterns made by Sample Room as well as patterns made by external pattern makers.

Our experienced digital pattern makers can scan external patterns, grade patterns with our extensive knowledge of Babies, Kids, Adult and Plus Size grading to Australian Standards or to your unique grading requirements. We have over 50 years of combined experience in grading of sportswear, swimwear, men’s and women’s fashion and casual clothing.

For your reassurance, we can send you a screen shot of your graded nest for approval as well as a mini marker of your final marker. Final patterns are available to you in Digital, paper or plotted onto card and digitally cut for precise accuracy.

We can also scan your pattern for Ai exporting for Custom Sportswear and sublimation printing.

We are experts in pattern grading

– Babies, Toddler and Kids (this takes very specific expertise)
– Mens and Womens, including Plus sizes
– Non-wearable textile products

Why choose Sample Room?

– Fast and accurate
– More than 150 years of team experience
– Output in digital DXF, AI or PDF pattern formats
– Paper Markers
– Card Patterns
– Paper Individual Patterns
– Graded Specifications

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Pattern Scanning

Scanning patterns for grading

The acquisition of the N-hega NScan® coupled with a Contex HD Ultra® scanner provides unparalleled accuracy to offer our grading, marker and card pattern services to patterns created outside Sample Room. This system is used by industries that require a very high level of precision in digitising and scanning such as aerospace, automotive and fashion. We are in great company with businesses such as Prada, Lanvin and Ermenegildo Zegna also using this technology.

The N-hega solution is quick, efficient and accurate to 0.25mm, this might seem to be overkill, but you have invested the time and money in every ultra-sharp corners and very smooth curve to ensure your patterns look exactly the way you want them to. It is our job to honour this when grading the pattern.

Production Marker

Marker making for paper markers and fabric usages

Once your pattern is graded we can complete full production markers for all fabrics. These markers can be printed on paper to be sent to your manufacturer or exported to Ai or DXF files.

Card Patterns

Card patterns for production

If you require graded card patterns, Sample Room is here to offer this service quickly and efficiently. With our automatic card plotter, your patterns will be printed and cut accurately before the final check by our team.

Digitising Patterns & Pattern Grading Form