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Tech Packs and local manufacturing – oil and water?

Detailed Spec

Much has changed in the last few years. We are pretty happy to see a strong push to bring development and manufacturing back on-shore. There is little doubt that many in the industry have, for the first time in a long time, danced a little jig. But it isn’t all smooth sailing. Not everyone in…

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Four questions to ask brands to see if they are truly ethical & sustainable

Sample making

Sustainable and ethical are probably two of the main questions asked of Sample Room and it is clear the consumer is wanting to know more about where their clothes were made, by whom and what the label is doing to minimise the impact on the environment. Here are four questions to ask clothing brands to…

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Why hand cut cardboard patterns when there is an easier way

Cardboard patterns have long been a staple for many in fashion, custom sportwear, corporate wear and clothing manufacturing. While there is some move to purely digital, cardboard remains affordable and reliable and can withstand plenty of use and abuse. We print cardboard patterns for our client from time to time. These are not hand drawn,…

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Pros And Cons Of Different Clothing Label Types

Labels for your clothes are just as important as your website and business card. The colour, quality, size and finish communicate a perception of your brand and price point. Here in our Fashion Label Launch Pad Program, we make it a priority to discuss how to choose labels suitable for their collections early on in…

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