Launch your Locally Made, Ethical, Sustainable Brand with the Sample Room Start-up Team

Are you a new designer? Or are you looking to move back from overseas production and are not sure where to start?

I am so glad you have found us. Sample Room is known in the Fashion industry as the go-to for start-up designers or designers looking to move back from overseas production. Ask around long enough and someone is sure to recommend you give Sample Room a call.

Why is this? Well we have dedicated ourselves to helping start up designers in the industry for both fashion and other products made of textiles since 2009.

Our dedicated Start up team have created a unique process to help those who don’t have the years of knowledge our more experiences clients do.

Join our Upcoming Masterclass

True Cost of Offshore v Onshore Manufacturing

Wednesday March 13th 6pm AEDT

Have you ever wondered what if it actually is cheaper to manufacture overseas, or are you better off with local production?

If you want to know the Facts about what it ACTUALLY costs to make your product then.....

you NEED to attend this Masterclass

  • Are you unsure what to do first and how to decide on where to manufacture.
  • Have you have tried overseas manufacturers but the samples you got back are not right and you are wondering if you should persist.
  • Have you have spoken to a local manufacturer, but you feel it is too hard and you could not work out the overall cost.
  • Are you have a business and have been producing offshore, but the costs are so unpredictable.
  • Are you aware of the local desire for locally made products, but you are not sure where to start or if it is actually financially worth it.
  • Are you interested in simply understanding if the rumours on costs and blowouts from offshore manufacturers are actually true.

I want you to know you have found the right place.

Over the last 30yrs I have worked in the industry, I have experience both local and offshore manufacturing and I want to show you the facts.

Sample Room has a dedicated team who understand where you are at and how to help you understand what is involved in creating products and launching your label.

Ethical Clothing Australia


We are proud and excited to become one of the few pattern making services to have gained ethical accreditation via Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) for our local production. If you would like to know more about ethical accreditation or other suppliers in this unique manufacturing process then please get in touch with ECA. ECA works closely with legally compliant manufacturers in Australia to ensure a transparent and ethical textile, clothing and footwear industry. The Sample Room works collaboratively with ECA as part of its ongoing commitment to offering ethically made products in Australia.