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Mentee’s Launch: GOLDI

The essence of GOLDI comes from the deep held philosophy of the founder, Helena Golden, that all people have a right to health and equality. To support this ethos, GOLDI will contribute 10% of all profits earned from the sale of GOLDI garments to the education of under privileged children. The dream: To contribute to others who may not have had the chance otherwise, to live their best life possible. GOLDI is starting its journey with a focus on fashion athleisure for strong females and role models for young girls globally.

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Technical Knowledge versus Design Knowledge

So, you want to work in the fashion industry? You’ve got so many design ideas, a sketchpad full of drawings. And they’re great, you know it. Maybe you’re already entrenched in the industry and you have a long-held desire to start your own label, but you feel stuck, you don’t know how to move on. What is the next step? How do you start your label? How do you break into this exciting-sounding career? How you can get yourself to the cutting edge of fashion? How can you negotiate with manufacturers to get them see how your designs are worth it?

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