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Designer Cost-Saving Secret: The Organizational Folder


Ever wonder how you can save money and stay organized as a designer? It’s simpler than you think. Let’s dive into the concept of an organizational folder and how it can be your secret weapon for cost-saving development. Start a Folder Each Season Each design season brings new challenges. By starting a folder dedicated to…

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Mastering Fashion Finances: Your Guide to Financial Success

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Are you confident in managing the finances of your fashion business? Fashion finances are crucial for the success of any business. Without proper financial management, many businesses struggle and ultimately fail. Let’s dive into some key takeaways from my experience and a chat with my accountant. Understanding Fashion Finances: Costs and Revenue First, you need…

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Navigating the Challenges of Offshore v Local Manufacturing

Offshore V local Manufacturing

Navigating the shift from offshore to local manufacturing is a journey filled with unique challenges and rewards. By understanding the intricacies involved in sourcing materials, pricing complex garments, managing quantities, and setting realistic production schedules, you can better prepare for a successful transition. Engaging in workshops and further learning opportunities will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and optimize your manufacturing processes.

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