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Based in Collingwood our team of industry experts are here to make your life simpler and outcomes better.

Customer parking in the heart of Collingwood and a full team of highly skilled pattern makers, cutters and machinists that take responsibility for full development through to manufacturing all under one roof.

Ethical Manufacturing, Designer

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A team of experienced computer pattern makers with over 50 years of manual and computer pattern making knowledge in Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s garments and accessories.


Highly experienced in-house sample machinists who work closely with pattern makers to help ensure exceptional samples. Talented in everything from swimwear & lingerie to evening gowns and everything in between.


Combining 50 years of pattern making experience together with exciting new technology provides highly accurate graded patterns and markers.


Bringing together the all the elements and drawing on skills of a highly experienced team, specifications and tech packs that set industry standards.


Our team has more than a combined 150 years of experience in manufacturing everything from t-shirts and activewear through to evening wear, all to the highest quality. 

A wide range of products and services

Pattern making, sample making and grading for a range of clothing and textile product Categories, Industries and Product offerings.

Ask us today how we can help you create a smoother, easier process of development through to manufacturing.

We have many and varied pathways for a variety of products.

Contact us to ask us how.

I hope your factory is back to normal and your freight costs are manageable. Many have contacted us and let us know that these changes alone have made it extremely difficult to continue producing offshore.

There is something we can not deny though, travelling to factories for the foreseeable future is off the cards and even when we can travel, there is likely to be resistance to travelling to some destinations.

By developing your product locally, you can send to your off-shore producer, a finalised pattern as a DXF file with a finalised Spec to match for your checking and approval and send a sample for your factory to use as a reference. You can also keep a sample here to compare your Pre production sample to.

This is fantastic news. We would love to support you in this process.

Your factory will probably be reluctant to send you the patterns they have created. This is OK, If you have samples that you are happy with, we can trace off these samples and create patterns that you then own. You can send these patterns to any manufacturer here or overseas so you regain the control and work with any manufacturer you wont to.

There is no doubt the local manufacturing industry follows quite a different process to the overseas development process. You might like to check out our free video at Sample Room Start Up. Depending on your years of experience and your level of knowledge, we might need to have a discussion on which of our teams is best place to help you.