Media and School Enquiries

Are you from a school or a journalist looking for more information about the industry or Sample Room's services?

Student or School Enquiries

Sample Room is a busy place. At any one time we are working on 50-60 developments for clients and getting up to 25 enquiries a day. It’s a great problem to have, but it means the team is constantly focused on ensuring our clients have an amazing experience and that everything that leaves our workroom is stunning.  But we are happy to field school enquiries for presentations or virtual tours.

Periodically, usually during assignment season, we also get requests from students for “quotes” or “information”. We really want to make sure the future of the industry is strong and have all the information they need. But we simply don’t have the time spend on helping in a one-on-one basis. If we did, we wouldn’t have time left to do client work.

But we want to help.

Julia, our amazing talented and experience director, just loves to give presentations to bright eyed students. A virtual tour of the workroom, a presentation on how the development process works in Australia, why manufacturers can’t help with development, who can actually manufacture AND a Q&A session to allow your eager students to tap into that 27+ years of development experience.

How does that sound?

If you are interested in organizing a presentation to your class, please contact us on

In the meantime, please advise your students that we simply don’t have time to respond to their requests for quotes or information.

Media Enquiries

The fashion and clothing industry has been through much in the last few years. Sample Room is right in the middle of it. With more than 600 designers as clients, we see, hear and experience first hand what is happening both here and overseas.

With more than 27 years in the industry, working in Australia and overseas, Julia has an incredibly diverse experience. Julia’s span of experience places her as one of the few who has seen much more than only that of their own label.

Interested in getting a unique view on a current topic? Julia would be happy to help advance your understanding from a insider’s viewpoint.

Contact us at

Ethical Clothing Australia


We are proud and excited to become one of the few pattern making services to have gained ethical accreditation via Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) for our local production. If you would like to know more about ethical accreditation or other suppliers in this unique manufacturing process then please get in touch with ECA. ECA works closely with legally compliant manufacturers in Australia to ensure a transparent and ethical textile, clothing and footwear industry. The Sample Room works collaboratively with ECA as part of its ongoing commitment to offering ethically made products in Australia.

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