7 Commonly Asked Questions about Sample Room Mentoring Program

Answered by your instructor, Julia Van Der Sommen

1) How will Sample Room Mentoring Program help me?

The technical and production aspects of designing a range are a mystery. But it does not have to be. In a secretive industry, it is very rare to find someone to guide you through from initial development stages through to delivering your stock into store. From creating the right product and explaining your design details to finding the right manufacturer customers and finding the day to day support, Sample Room Mentoring Program can help you launch a successful business. You will be armed with a proven roadmap that will save you time, effort and money. On top of it, you’ll have access to a vibrant and super helpful community any time of the day or night. Remember, education is an investment in your business and yourself. The right education will not only pay for itself but also help you create a sustainable living!

And, we will make sure to hold your hand and be there for you so you feel confident in your journey!

2) How is Sample Room Mentoring Program different from other programs out there?

This is the most comprehensive hands on industry based program in the country. We work with suppliers every day and know what they need to communicate your product requirements and be prepared each step of the way. We are very excited to offer a program that has been tried and tested with successful results. Most courses teach you how to work in the industry. We teach you how to run your own successful business which is very unique and different from other fashion courses out there

  •  Insider industry knowledge built up from 27 years in the RagtradeJulia and her team have worked in all facets of the fashion industry. When you sign up for the mentoring program you don’t just have Julia’s experience but also her team of 8 industry professionals who have worked as designers, pattern makers, machinists, production managers and sales professionals who love to help and educate as much as she does. We also design and produce our own range of ethical sustainable clothing so you can learn from our business as we progress through the design cycle.

The Sample Room has worked closely with over 600 emerging designers and know just what stops you and what you need to get over the speed humps

  • Our background in leading labels both internationally and within Australia for local and overseas manufacturing.Julia and her team have worked for some of the largest and most prestigious labels in the world. Harrods of London, Anthea Crawford, Scanlan and Theodore, Myer, Crumpler, Limedrop, Black apple, Slazanger, Seasuits, IO Merino, Anna Campbell to name a few.

With over 150 years of combined experience in design and production have all areas covered.

So we’ll make sure to bring you the best information and trade secrets to help you build a successful unique brand of your own

  • Focused and strategic course materials
    We provide a distinct roadmap on what is involved throughout the development and manufacturing process. With a detailed understanding of topics such as best pricing techniques, using the power of digital to reach a global audience, and using luxury strategies to create a successful brand. Other programs don’t provide this kind of deep industry knowledge to build your business.
  • Access to local suppliers and manufacturersWe’ve partnered with some of the best local suppliers and manufacturers to give our students the best supply chain advise available As a part of this course, you’ll be able to get a private introduction with these manufacturers during the 12 month program. (Currently only available in Australia)
  • Real life case studies of emerging designersOur teaching is based on real life case studies of some well-known successful emerging designers, so you can learn from the experience of people who have built their own successful fashion businesses.
  • Monthly Studio Session and Designer ForumYou will also have access to monthly Studio Session with Julia directly as well as membership to a vibrant and supporting Designer Forum of designers. You can ask questions anytime you need and get real time answers that are there to refer to even after you finish the course. We are here to support you along the way, no question is too small or silly.

3) Why are you qualified to offer this incubator more than others out there?

While I’ll be your primary instructor and contact during the program, you get mentorship and access to not just one but all of our industry experts: Our team of pattern making, designers and machinists are here to help you along the way. This program is run by industry professionals who are working with established labels every day, solving problems and creating successful ranges Here’s a little bit about us:

Julia Van Der Sommen: I have over 27 years’ experience in designing, pattern making, sample making, production management and circular knitting technology with a range of businesses from locally made to offshore manufacturing in department store labels through to upmarket labels. I’ll be sure to bring some of this priceless learnings to you in this program. Find out HERE why Julia created the mentoring program.

Having worked with over 600 fashion designers and learning what has worked for them in their business, Julia will also draw on this knowledge to help you.

4) How long will I have access to the course videos?

You will have access to the course videos for LIFE. While we encourage you to watch all the videos and go through the materials with us during the 12 months, we want you to be comfortable with all the concepts we will be teaching.

5) What is the weekly time commitment for this course?

If you are working through the course content before starting your range then the time commitment is 1-3 hours a week. We highly recommend that you produce your range ready for production alongside the course process to get the most benefit out of the information. The time commitment to complete the course along with your range could range from 4-10 hours a week depending on the size of your range. The course content is available to you at any time for life so you can always refer back anytime you need.

6) How can I make sure that I pick the right Fashion Course?

It is not easy to decide especially given the time and financial commitment of a course with so much content. However, the right program can give you to right tools and process to successfully launch your range and continue to build your label. A really great place to start is with what you do know. Write down a list and then add what you don’t know. Sign up for our exclusive information session You can find out all of the details by clicking here. You will hear many ideas and words of which you will either understand or not know about. The outline of the mentoring course can be found here. Each course will offer you different information and a different level of support. It is important that you work with someone with current industry experience and contacts when you are looking for this industry-specific information.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to email me at info@sampleroom.com.au