Quality samples sell products. Accuracy in the final garment is also essential to communicate with your manufacturer. Our business motto has always been to use out expertise to make your life easier. Sample Room started in 2009 with basic concept to simply improve the process of communication between pattern makers and sample makers. We have some of the best sample machinist in our team, in house, to communicate and solve problems throughout the development process.

From your design meeting, the pattern is made and the sample created. The next time you see your design, it will be for a fitting. We have communicated your design details for you and have ironed out any issues before you see the sample so the garments are made for maximum manufacturing efficiency. This is how it should be for you.

Highly skilled sampling team

With a full-time sample cutter and 2 full-time high quality Sample Machinist on site sitting 4 meters away from the patternmakers, we are able to communicate, discuss and problem solve so you receive the correct sample the first time. No more blaming or passing the fault between pattern makers and sample makers.

Machinery for sampling

We provide sample making for patterns created by the at Sample Room.

We have the following machines in house for knitwear, swimwear, sportswear, wovens and accessories;
– Flat bed
– 3, 4 & 5 Thread Overlockers
– Flat lock cover stitch
– Twin Needle Coverstitch
– Zip Zag
– Blind hem
– Bar Tack
– Button Hole
– Twin needle binder with safety stitch
– Single needle binder for woven fabrics
– Heat Press for heat transfers

What does all this mean? Well, we can sew pretty much any type of sample, other than heavy weight fabrics (e.g. leather, canvas, neoprene).

Australian Clothing Manufacturing

Don't have your patterns yet?

Samples are a critical element in the development process, but samples can’t be created without patterns. Patterns are the key to knowing what to cut and what to sew. Without them, we simply can’t sew a sample.

If you don’t have your patterns yet, we can help. The development process is just that, a process. If you are new to the industry or not quite sure what to do, click here to find out more.