Trade Sketches

Trade Sketches

Accurate technical trade sketches are essential for accurate communication between patternmakers, sample makers and manufacturers. Let our technical team-work with our pattern makers to create these essential tools including manufacturing make details.

Tech Packs

At Sample Room, we strongly believe a tech pack is created along-side the pattern and sample development. It includes detailed tech drawings, intricate make details, key measurements, a bill of materials and fabric and trim usage for production ordering, so you have all the information you need. The essential page that makes a tech pack is the graded specification which accompanies these details.

Let us create this professional technical document for you to provide the complete package of information for you, your team and your manufacturer.

If you have more questions about this then our live Manufacturing Discovery Masterclass is the best place to start.

Graded Specifications

Accurate graded specifications are created from your finished graded pattern using our advanced pattern making software in a way that manual pattern making can not. This document is critical to give you accurate details for checking final production and as a resource for you and your manufacturer.

This comprehensive document is provided along with a detailed reference image so everyone involved, no matter their command of English, understands the important measurements for accurate manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance (QA) for production from the ultimate technical document.