Where do you find inspiration for your fashion range?

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Where do you find inspiration for your fashion range?

Well, before diving in, the first thing to think about is: Are you doing a high fashion/ high-trend range or a range that reflects your personal style and market needs?

Your sources of inspiration will significantly depend on your answer to this question. So, this is the first thing to work out. 

I have been asked numerous times about what’s in fashion whenever I attend social gatherings. Well, that used to make a lot more sense many years ago when everybody followed the same fashion. But that has changed now. In today’s world, people don’t really follow fashion trends, instead they have their own personal style which may incorporate parts of fashion trends. 

So, you need to be clear about the importance you give to fashion trends and the latest on the catwalks when producing and marketing your fashion range. If you are focused on the latest trends, then it is essential to stay at the forefront of the latest fashion movements which can be expensive and challenging at the same time as you need to make sure you rotate your collections on a regular basis (every 3-6 months). 

Whether you have a high fashion trend range or a range that reflects your personal style, I’m here to help you find inspiration for your next fashion range. Watch my latest video on how to approach inspiration based on the type of label you have and what steps to take.


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