Who owns my patterns?


Who owns my patterns?

Is it the pattern maker? Is it the designer? Or is it shared? This is quite a common question often asked by start-up fashion designers. I think this is a really critical topic for you to get clarity on as your patterns are your investment. You need to know where you stand, and how things differ with onshore and offshore manufacturers.

So, let’s dive in and chat about pattern ownership and more importantly, what to ask for and expect in the process.


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Fashion Label Launchpad


Fashion Label Launchpad

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  • You have emailed a whole bunch of people but have had absolutely no response
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the process of starting your label and all the work involved
  • You had a tech pack made but need help with the rest of the process
  • You have knowledge on how to start a business but as to how to make the clothes, you are lost
  • You are looking to start a business but don’t know what happens first.
  • You have had designs drawn up that you like-but you don’t know what to do next
  • You tried to get your designs made with another pattern maker and they have failed for reasons unknown, but you wonder if the reason might be you.
  • You lack the confidence to go it alone
  • You are confused about where to even begin
  • You tried overseas but communication and timing is so hard and they are struggling to get things right
  • You have been working with another pattern maker however you are unhappy with the time frames and lack of communication


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