The importance of correct patterns and samples in production

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If you’re looking to start your fashion business, you already know how important it is to have a vision and bring it to life. However, one of the most crucial aspects of starting a fashion business is having a correct pattern and sample to take to a manufacturer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of having a correct pattern and sample, and why manufacturers need clear instructions to provide the results you want. We’ll also dive into the critical relationship between pattern makers and designers and how it can influence the success of your business. Let’s get started!


The Importance of Having a Correct Pattern and Sample in Manufacturing


When starting a fashion business, there are several steps involved in bringing your vision to life. Simply it is Design, Development and Manufacturing. However, it’s essential to ensure that your pattern and sample are correct to avoid any miscommunication and disappointments during manufacturing. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why having a correct pattern and sample is vital for manufacturers and businesses.


The Scenario


Let’s start with a scenario that occurred in our business. Someone came to us for manufacturing, and we had to turn them away because the pattern and sample they provided were not correct. The pattern was poorly made and did not have any notches. It was evident that the fit was not right, and there were incorrect aspects of the pattern. The tech pack did not match the pattern, and the sample was either the original bought sample or a badly made one.


The Importance of Having Correct Patterns and Samples


As a manufacturer, we are judged by the outcome of the final product. If the sample and pattern are not correct, there can be problems during production, which can lead to loss of time and money. A manufacturer’s job is not to modify or change the pattern or sample. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a correct pattern and sample before manufacturing.

Patterns are crucial because they give your clothes their unique shape, size, and style. Without a correct pattern, your clothes can turn out differently than desired. Similarly, good samples are essential to ensure the machinist understands you level of quality and details are correct before manufacturing. If a sample is incorrect, it may not meet your expectations, and manufacturers won’t know how to adjust your design.




Relationship between Pattern Maker and Designer


These design details should be worked out with a pattern maker and a sample machinist to have a clear idea of your design. Communicating your ideas with a pattern maker is crucial because this is where the design takes shape and they are able to draw out precisely what you want. They use your vision to create a pattern that meets your expectations. It’s crucial to ensure that the pattern and sample are correct before starting manufacturing.


What Manufacturers Need


Manufacturers need clear instructions to provide you with the results you want. They expect you to provide a correctly graded pattern, perfect sample with labels, buttons, and trims, and a tech pack that matches everything. With this information, they can produce your clothes without difficulty. As you work with a manufacturer, they become familiar with your design, and their relationship gains trust. With trust, they can make your first sample for you.




It’s essential to have a correct pattern and sample to ensure that your production meets your expectations. Manufacturers require you to provide them with specific instructions so they can make the product you want. If you’re starting and unsure what to do, Fashion Label Launchpad can guide you through the process. With clear communication and trust,

you can be your manufacturer’s favorite customer, and they can help you succeed.


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