The crucial process of pattern grading

Pattern Grading

Whenever you are looking to create a range of clothing, pattern grading is a critical step in the process. So, what is pattern grading, and what are your choices, or more importantly, how do you read behind the lines of others’ opinions on what is the best path to take?

In simple words, pattern grading is when we take a base size and make other required sizes by growing/shrinking the pattern in the X and the Y axis using measurements to fit the other sizes in your range. 

There are 3 processes or methods of grading that you can go through in order to achieve this grading: manual grading, computer grading, and tech packs. People in the industry have different opinions on what is better, or what might be inferior as an end result. In this video, I want to bust a few myths so you are not convinced of something that might not actually be true.

Watch this video below, where I dive into each one of the processes/methods and discuss the difference between them so that you can make the right decision in your business.


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