Morning bike rides and Niche markets

I have just come back from a morning bike ride. I have just started riding with a group of wonderful girls with Breeze on the Boulie. A new years resolution to move a bit more.

There are a number of girls in our group that wear a kit designed by the Women’s Design Project ( This range was designed and made to clothe the growing number of women who love to ride but don’t like the way mens clothes fit, we are a bit different in shape. We have also worked with a couple of girls on the Dames cycling range to fill this same niche. I guess it helps I know what a bike looks like.

So I thought it was time that we spoke about niche products and how your decision to target a niche (which I highly recommend) requires a bit more thought before, during and after the development process. I am sure we have all experinced the range of clothes they are not clear themselves who they are targetting, Is it for your dad or your nephew. Likewise you will have appreciated a brand that is clear and concise what they stand for (even if it is not for you). Think Hipsters, Rockabilly, Sufbrands.

Firstly you need to clearly define your customer. Dive deep into the details. Cycling is an easy example to use.

Are you designing a fit for Shapley women or athletic women?

Are they an every day commuter or a TT track cyclist?

Is it a loose fit for women that don’t aspire to reveal every curve or is it a traditional Tour de France pro cut?

Will you concentrate on the colours and design or will it be a plain colour with designs lines that are the feature?

Will it be made in lycra or some other fabric such as merino jersey?

There are so many decisions to make and each of the questions above effect that way a pattern maker makes the pattern.

To get the best result out of your designs you will need a detailed brief and a passionate pattern maker to help you see your vision.

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Have I just blown you mind? Do you think you need to talk to an experienced expert to get a clearer picture about the details. You might like to book in for a business consultation. We often conduct these meetings on Skype so please do not feel that because you are not in Melbourne, Australia you can not have a chat.

And please don’t think that this is just about niche markets. We also assist people in finding more efficient ways to develop and manufacture their range. Sometimes you just need another professional set of eyes to see the black holes and issues.

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