Overcoming Roadblocks in Starting a Fashion Business

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Are you interested in entering the world of fashion business but feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will walk you through the necessary steps to navigate the fashion industry and streamline your start-up journey. From understanding the manufacturing process to gaining technical knowledge, we will provide valuable insights to help you bring your fashion ideas to life. 


Entering any business idea can seem daunting at first, especially when creating a range of garments that are new or you’re stuck on the implementation of a seemingly unmaterialized idea. Start by getting really clear on your idea. It is so easy to be swayed to do something easier, or simplifying your idea to avoid the overwhelm when it all gets too hard.


I have met far too many designers that come to Sample Room with amazing unique ideas, but as time goes on, they simplify the designs until they do not have a point of difference anymore. A simple Pinterest board can offer priceless inspiration for your designs and provide insight into what might sell in your chosen market. Understanding the steps you need to take can be complex but is the only solution to tackling a complex process. Without this you may find yourself endlessly hitting brick walls on the path to your end result.


This is why choosing a manufacturer and support team is critical to find a process that aligns with the production of your idea. Remember, no idea is too ambitious but on the flip side, even a simple idea can feel like you are climbing a mountain of information if you are new to the industry. Perhaps your design involves a unique printing technique on a classical item such as a t-shirt. If traditional manufacturers say they can’t produce your design, that simply means their particular process doesn’t fit your needs. 


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The fashion industry is like many other industries, forever coming up with new and innovative ways to create garments that offer more sustainable outcomes. But this might not be the most challenging part of a label in 2023. As so many people have only worked with offshore manufacturers, many of the important processes are hidden from them so even though they know what outcome they are looking for, they just don’t know how to get there in the local market.


The guidance and understanding of an expert in the local market who can direct you on who to see, what to ask for and how to do it can be the difference between a smooth process from design to manufactured product, or simplifying your ideas for ease in the process. For example, contemplate on small details such as if your garment will feature a yardage print, screen print, or a digital print. What base fabric will you need to achieve this look, should you add the waist stud before you have finished the waistband or after?


To help you understand this process we encourage you to take advantage of the resources and in our upcoming workshop “Start Your Local Fashion Business” which will dive into details of costing, planning and the development process. The aim is to help you make money as soon as you establish who your customer is and what you’re doing.



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