Mentee’s Launch: Marilena di Florio

Our Mentee:

Marilena Di Florio owner of Marilena Di Florio


After finding a gap in them market, our past mentee Marilena Di Florio designed a range of gorgeous ready to wear womens fashion. After years of making made-to-measure wedding and race wear, Marilena was ready to take the next step into creating a range. You only have to look at Marilena’s instagram to know that she knows how to sew and pattern make but time spent as part of Sample Room’s Fashion Label Launch Pad Program taught her the technical elements to outsource and understand what the industry needed from her so they could create her beautiful designs.


What is your range about?

My range provides women with versatile garments designed to pair with staple wardrobe pieces using colour with classic shapes. All garments within my collection are appropriate for styling as office wear, casual wear and after work wear and I style them to show that versatility. Pairing my designs with staple wardrobe pieces increases their versatility and promotes a minimalist wardrobe which is important to me.

Who is it for?

My range is designed for busy women that need comfortable stylish work wear that is easily transformed into casual wear to make it easier to get ready for their busy day. The combination of fitted and looser fitted garments provides women the comfort and confidence to add a touch of vibrancy to their wardrobe to express who they are.

What did you do for a career before you started your label?

I started my working career serving in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Medic, including domestic deployments and deployment overseas. I missed my sons, first birthday as I was deployed overseas which was a major turning point for me. I left the RAAF when my son was two and returned to beautiful Tasmania. I had always sewn from the age of 10 and had a love for fashion. I continued to sew as a hobby whilst working as a Nurse. I decided to pursue my passion and went on to complete a Cert IV in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising. I currently work with the Tasmanian Health Service where I have worked in various positions for the past 13 years.

What is the biggest thing you learnt whilst working through the development process?

There are so many steps and processes involved in the development process, being organised and aware of the steps and what the next step is really helps to ensure that everything remains on track. Ensuring that lead times for fabric ordering and delivery are factored into your timeline so that time is not wasted and you can work on other elements.

What would you do differently if you did it all over again?

If I were to start over, I would definitely spend more time at the very beginning in telling my story and engaging audiences in the brands story and development.

How can people buy your product?

My garments are available to purchase on my website at the

What is some advice you would give someone else looking to start a label?

Just do it! If it is what you, want to do then jump in and do it. Just remember, it is not all glitz and glam. It is hard work and determination. 

If you would like to learn how to develop and launch your own range. Join our Fashion Label Launchpad, as Marilena did, and learn all there is to know to be a fashion designer.


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