How manufacturing locally can help you with business growth, cash flow and confidence

fashion label sourcing

I recently had a ‘Ask me Anything’ call with my mentees, and we discussed the current climate and present challenges of concern for established labels or near-to-launch labels.

When I look inside the Facebook groups, I see many conversations around starting or launching a label centred on offshore vs. local manufacturing.

One of the main things I like to discuss with people when it comes to offshore vs onshore is the control you have about the commitment you make and when you need to make it. What I mean by this is that when we are dealing with an offshore manufacturer, they expect us to commit very early on to the quantities we need before we even start manufacturing. Even in-house here at Sample Room, when people call us looking for a manufacturer, even though they haven’t started development yet, they believe everything is being done under the same roof.

Watch the video below, where I’m discussing what I think is the biggest benefit to manufacturing locally when you are starting out that will help you with business growth, cash flow and confidence to design the product you love.

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