Instagram For Your Fashion Label PART 1: Do this before you open your account!

Social media is a large part of many new fashion labels marketing strategy. A lot of people will refer to social media as a free tool, as yes, you can open an instagram account for free. But I think this is the wrong way to look at it, as it isn’t really free, it takes TIME which is either yours (which has value!) or you are paying someone to spend the time on it for you. Either way to have any success it takes commitment and investment.

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Planning the first photoshoot for your new label? Here are our do’s and don’ts to ensure every shoot is a success!

You’ve spent months upon months pouring blood, sweat and tears into creating the perfect garment for your collection, and soon it will be time to release your product to market! Even though your garment might look a million bucks to hold in your hands, it is imperative that the rest of the world fully understands the look and feel of your brand. Investing in a professional, sleek and captivating photoshoot is just one of the ways to get you there. Read below for our list of helpful pointers when sourcing talent, photographers and locations to ensure that every shoot is a success.

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What does it mean to be an ethically accredited label?

When creating your new label from the ground up, there are many aspects to take into consideration in order to shape your label into a business that represents who and what you stand for. From sustainability, to the locality of the materials sourced, you, the designer, have the artistic freedom to structure a label how they choose according to their values.

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Sample Room + Fashion Revolution: Introducing Mai

In honour of Fashion Revolution Week we would like to introduce Mai, one of our valued sample machinists.

Originally from Vietnam, Mai has lived in Australia since 1995 after closing a tailoring shop she ran for 15 years.

Mai was recommended from a family member to take the big leap and move to Australia with the promise of good working conditions and pay.

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Sample Room + Fashion Revolution: Introducing Sharon

Here at Sample Room we are proudly ethically accredited and value the importance of a safe and fair workplace. We have staff from all over the world including people local to Melbourne, creating a diverse and experienced team. Julia’s (founder of Sample Room) ethical practices are founded by the passion to respect the knowledge and skills people have. Coming from years of experience on the factory floor herself, she really understands the depth of knowledge and expertise the Sample Room team possess.

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