Why Tech Packs are Essential for Fashion Designers: Demystifying Their Importance and Role in the Industry

Are you a fashion designer who has heard of tech packs but isn’t quite sure what they are or why they’re important? In this blog post, we’re going to demystify tech packs and explain why they are a pivotal player in the fashion industry. A tech pack is essentially a comprehensive blueprint of your product that serves as a guide for manufacturers on how to create your design. Without a tech pack, quality control becomes challenging, and you may find yourself in a tough spot, worrying about fabric shrinkage or incorrect fabric placement. In this post, we’ll clarify the misconceptions around who should make this document and what role the pattern maker has in creating tech packs. We’ll also explore the role of pattern makers in the product development process. Ultimately, we want to emphasize the importance of tech packs in precisely communicating your vision and ensuring a smoother production process. So, stay prepared, stay informed, and get ready to own your visions with well-made tech packs.

Ever heard of a tech pack? Well, it’s a pivotal player in the Fashion industry and a term thrown around quite a bit, but few truly understand their importance.

In simple terms, a tech pack is a comprehensive instruction guide for your product. This detailed document serves as a guide for manufacturers on how to create your product. It also immensely helps in your product development process. From specifying fabric details to defining key measurements, tech packs work as a road map for your manufacturer to follow, from the creation of a sample to the production of the final garment.

There’s a common misconception among in the online start up community that many designers believe they can create their own tech pack. However, let me clarify this once and for all: this is the pattern maker’s, not the designer’s job. The pattern maker, after gaining a comprehensive understanding of the designer’s vision, is the best person to compile the tech pack as they have the technical knowledge needed for everyone to use throughout the development and manufacturing process.

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It’s vital to know that traditionally, pattern makers will only focus on developing the pattern and have very little to do with the tech pack. That’s simply because they might not have the years of experience and understanding of the entire product development process, or they have worked in a local environment, or they are trying to save you money on development. Someone inexperienced might not know how vital a specification sheet is for everyone else involved in the cycle.

Without a tech pack, quality control becomes challenging, as there are no specified make details, fabric information, or key measurements. You might find yourself in a tough spot, worrying about if there’s been any shrinkage or if the fabrics are correctly placed. Essentially, without a tech pack, you are flying blind.

Further, tech packs are indispensable for manufacturers or those in charge of making the samples. Recently, I had an experience where a renowned designer dropped off a bunch of fabrics, but without any make details, spec sheets, or patterns, leaving me clueless about fabric allocation or the desired finish.

Tech packs are a way to precisely communicate your vision with the rest of the team, whether it’s an in-house group or an external crew. It can avoid a lot of confusion and frustration down the line.

Keep in mind that the process of creating a tech pack starts with the conversation during your design meeting with your pattern maker. They can then create the tech pack alongside the pattern.

Remember, your pattern lays out how to cut the fabric, and your tech pack instructs everyone else on how to make it.

So, whether you’re planning to send your patterns overseas or frantically trying to control the quality of your production process, always remember – a well-made tech pack will make your journey smoother. Stay prepared, stay informed and own your visions.


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