The Benefits of Local Manufacturing in the Fashion Industry

Are you thinking of starting a fashion label or considering switching to local production? Well, you’re in luck! The fashion industry is experiencing some new shifts towards local manufacturing, and for good reason. In this blog post, we’ll break down the benefits of manufacturing locally in the fashion industry. From a more accurate and faster sampling process to greater control over costs and cash flow, we’ll show you why producing locally is a smart move. Plus, we’ll introduce you to our Start Your Local Fashion Business Workshop, designed to help you succeed in the local fashion manufacturing landscape.

Why Manufacturing Locally in the Fashion Industry is a Smart Move

If you’re starting a fashion label or are thinking about switching to producing locally, let us tell you – it’s a smart move. There are countless benefits to manufacturing locally in the fashion industry, and we’re here to break them down for you.

More Accurate and Faster Sampling Process

When working with overseas manufacturers, getting your samples right can be a real challenge. It’s not uncommon to go through multiple sample rounds, which can be time-consuming and expensive. However, when manufacturing locally, the process is far more accurate and much quicker. With local manufacturers, you are able to have more control over the sampling process and there are often more measures in place to ensure that you receive the highest quality samples from the beginning.

Greater Control Over Costs and Cash Flow

When committing to overseas manufacturers, you’re often committing to the whole manufacturing process at once. This means that you have very little control over the costs and cash flow of your development. However, when producing locally, you are able to split up the process into stages. You can choose to do development on 10 samples, for example, but only manufacture two at a time. This flexibility allows you to have far more control over your costs, cash flow and react to the market, which can be invaluable in a volatile fashion landscape.

Repeat Styles and Consistency of Fit

When manufacturing locally, you have greater access to your patterns. This means that you have greater control over your styles and can easily repeat them. Furthermore, you can ensure that the fit of your garments remains consistent over time, as you own your patents and have control over the manufacturing process.


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