Tech skills to learn when starting your own fashion business

Starting Your Own Fashion Business

Thinking of starting your own fashion label? I had a really great question come through this week from one of our listeners that I would like to discuss today, and the question was:

“If my plan is to create my fashion label one day, what fashion specific tech skills should I learn, that would have the biggest impact on my fashion label: Fashion Drawing, Pattern Making, or Garment Production skills – or is it worth taking the time to get a good foundation on all 3?”

The first thing I think we need to talk about is do you want a job in the industry, or do you want to just have your own business? There are many different avenues to learning what is involved in the fashion manufacturing industry, so it really all depends on how much you want to do in house.

Watch this video below, where I dive into what I think you should be learning to elevate your own fashion label and take it forward.


If you are manufacturing offshore, one of the biggest myths is that the overseas factory source your fabrics and sourcing will become your sole responsibility as a designer if you start making local. This often becomes a huge stumbling block and discourage people to move manufacturing back onshore as they don’t know what they need, how to find it or who to go to. 

Well, it takes a little bit of education to know what you’re asking for. 

We talk about this myth in our FREE Guide: The 7 Myths of Getting Your Fashion Label Made Locally.

Textured Hard Cover Book Mockup Standing On A Transparent Surface A15460 V27 Myths Ebook

Even if you are making a non fashion product you will find this book a real eye opener in busting the myths that you have been told which are for offshore manufacturing, which is a totally different process.

I want to help you and bring clarity to this secretive industry. You can do this, you can create your own product and start your own business in fashion.

Once you download this Ebook you will receive an invitation to our Start Your Fashion Business Workshop where we will show you a clear pathway to developing and manufacturing your range.

This Ebook is the first step. I look forward to helping you along this pathway to your success.