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Pattern Grading

Did you know we do grading for patterns that have been made by other pattern makers? 

This was not always the case. In 2020, we purchased a Nhega scanner. We found the old digitizing board to be too inaccurate to respect the time and effort you had put into your patterns, so we did not offer grading of external patterns. This all changed with the introduction of this amazing machine and we are happy to now offer digitizing and scanning services. We offer an accurate fast service from base pattern to graded patterns in the format you need .

Your patterns are 100% yours and we share an NDA with you so you know your designs are protected. Your patterns are either saved to your own file or deleted from our system after we have emailed you. It is up to you.

Turn around time- With a team of qualified people and the most technically advanced equipment in Australia, we can process your grading quickly. At times we can offer a 1 week turn around, depending on demand. Let us know of your needs when you place your job.

Grading occurs when you are 100% happy with the fit of your garment, if you are looking for a slight tweak to the pattern then this is still in the development process and best to be done by the pattern maker who has been working on your pattern. Once you are 100% happy then this is when you move onto the grading stage.

We make it easy to get a price- Have you seen our online quote system? You can play around with the options to see the cost outcomes. Click here to complete our Digitising Patterns & Pattern Grading Form.

All we need to know is, how many pattern pieces your pattern has, how many grades you would like and what format you need your final files in. I would also recommend you bring your finished garment in with the pattern to be graded so we can double check the garment grading points against the finished look. This does have an impact on your grading.

A variety of formats-

  • Marker on paper for production
  • Card pattern
  • Digital files in DXF AAMA, 
  • Specs can be taken from your digitised patterns
  • Ai files for graphic designers to use and also the PDF pattern market.

Complete your form today and we can get started as soon as we have your patterns.

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