Computer V Manual Pattern Making

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Let’s dive into the age-old debate of whether manual or computer pattern making is the superior choice for your fashion business. To explore this topic, we need to talk about the key differences of the two methods, discuss the merits of both sides and debunk a few common misconceptions along the way. So, let’s discover the world of pattern making!


Manual pattern making has been the traditional way of designing garments. It’s akin to an architect hand-drawing a structure, where every curve and line is painstakingly etched to perfect the design. On the other hand, computer pattern making uses technology to create a design – think of it as using software to design a house plan.


But which is better? Ultimately, your choice between manual and computer pattern making should depend on your product and your manufacturer’s requirements. While some people still argue that manual pattern making is better because it feels organic and spontaneous, others argue the merits of modern technology.


One common false rumour you may have heard is that computer pattern making, being technology-based, is automated and can look robotic. But the truth is, a computer software cannot mask the blunders of an incompetent pattern maker, just like manual pattern making cannot. In the end, the quality of the patterns and designs you create will depend on the competency of the pattern maker, regardless if they went manual or digital.


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Here’s my take on the answer based on many years of experience in both the manual and computer pattern making worlds. I believe that to be an excellent computer pattern maker, you need first to be proficient at manual pattern making. Understanding the intricacies in manual pattern making will provide the groundwork you need to master computer pattern making.


Think of it as an evolution – transitioning from manual pattern making, which is organic and intuitive, to computer pattern making, which gives you more control and precision.


Ultimately, both manual and computer pattern making have their place in the industry. We believe that the choice between the two should always be based on your end goal, taking into consideration your product, working style, and manufacturer’s requirements.


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