I'm new to the industry: Can Sample Room help me?
Yes, we provide the technical services of Pattern making, Sample making, Grading, and Specifications required to create the final package of information you need to take to your Manufacturer. What that means for you, is simply bring your design idea and technical requests to us and we can create all the information a Manufacturer needs to produce that idea. If you would like to know more about the overall process you can visit our ‘Emerging Designer’ page and watch our online Information Session just by clicking here. We can also help in Design and Business development; traditionally these processes were completed by different companies, you can think of the Sample Room as your one-stop shop!
What is the Fashion Label Launchpad?
Is Sample Room a Manufacturing company?
Will Sample Room help me find local manufacturers?
Do you sell or provide fabric for my designs?
Do I need to provide you with all the trims, hardware or buttons needed for my designs?
How much will development cost for all of my designs?
I have created my own patterns, can Sample Room create my samples?
Does Sample Room offer one-on-one Consultations?
Yes, if you would like to book in an initial Design or Business Consultation, please get in touch by phone (03) 9041 3488 or e-mail info@sampleroom.com.au

If you are new to the Manufacturing Industry, we recommend watching our Online Information Session before booking an initial Consultation, just click here.
As it will help you to prepare before meeting with our lead Pattern maker; preparation is key to a successful development and production process.

What do I bring to an initial appointment?
Does Sample Room provide Business Consulting services?
How much will it cost to release my first clothing line?
Is Sample Room ethically accredited?