Pattern Room


Would you like Quality Patterns at a Fraction of the Development Price?

Sample Room is constantly innovating and find ways to support our clients to create a successful brand and excel in the fashion industry.

So, we have developed a world-first catalog of ready-made clothing patterns produced by our talented team. Focused on sportswear and basics, the catalog is growing all the time. Each garment has been fitted to professional fit models and adjusted until pattern perfection has been reached. Saving you big $ and time.

Aimed at experienced designers and custom sportswear makers, Pattern Room patterns are pre-fitted and graded ready to take to the next step. We encourage you to look over our library of over 200,000 styles!

All patterns are available in digital format (Ai and DXF), with options to also get physical versions (card, paper, etc.). And you can also order samples for the patterns direct from the Pattern Room site! 

With more than 200,000 styles available and growing every week, there are plenty to choose from.

Remember – all of Pattern Room’s patterns are tested, perfected and manufacturer ready saving you time and money.

If you are unsure what to do with the Pattern Room patterns, then please contact the team at Sample Room. It may be that you need the extra assistance that only customized development can offer. 


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