Immediate communication with the person who has made your pattern is essential to quickly and efficiently communicate changes. There is no need to write up detailed changes that may be miscommunicated or draw up pictures for how changes should be made. Our new inhouse fitting room is spacious, light and roomy enough for your whole team can be part of this process.

We have a selection of mannequins to use or we can accommodate your fit model

  • Womens size 10
  • Mens size L
  • Womens Plus size 20
  • Kids size 10
  • Toddler size 4
  • Babies size 1

Remote Fittings

For the last 9 years we have worked with clients from all around Australia as well as clients Internationally. With the changes in business in 2020, we found our technology and systems developed over 9yrs supported our clients, whether they were in the suburb next door or interstate.

Detailed notes taken during the meeting are then sent to you for approval before progressing so you have the assurance that we are progressing with the correct next steps.