Fashion Basics 101:

The Essential Course for Aspiring Designers

Are you starting a fashion label or looking to move your production back from overseas but have questions?

We have answered 1000's of questions  over 14yrs and have put together this immediate access course just for you.

Start Your Fashion Journey with Confidence – Fashion Basics 101: The Essential Course for Aspiring Designers, No Prior Knowledge Needed!

If you've ever dreamt of launching your own label but felt overwhelmed, this course is your gateway to confidence and clarity. Let's dive into the essentials together.Are you worried about navigating the intricate world of fashion development? Concerned about the costs and time it takes to launch? Fear not – Fashion Basics 101 addresses these common concerns head-on. This free course is designed to give you quick, insightful answers to propel you forward without the hassle.

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Gain Confidence: Navigate the complexities of fashion development with ease.

Save Time and Money: Learn the insider tips to avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Unlock Local Success: Discover the advantages of onshore production and ethical sourcing.

Build Your Fashion Knowledge: From fabrics to pattern making, get answers to your burning questions.

✨ Personalized Guidance: Find out how Sample Room can support your unique journey.

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Meet the team at Sample Room and discover how their warmth and expertise will guide you through the fashion development process.

  • 13 short videos covering key topics such as
    • How much does it cost
    • How long does it take
    • Should I go overseas or stay local
    • What if I only need grading
    • Do I need a tech pack?
    • And much much more
  • Personal anecdotes and insights from industry experts
  • Quick, actionable tips to implement immediately.


Investing in your fashion education is priceless. The knowledge gained from Fashion Basics 101 is the foundation for a successful fashion label, making the subsequent workshops a wise and strategic investment.

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Ethical Clothing Australia


We are proud and excited to become one of the few pattern making services to have gained ethical accreditation via Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) for our local production. If you would like to know more about ethical accreditation or other suppliers in this unique manufacturing process then please get in touch with ECA. ECA works closely with legally compliant manufacturers in Australia to ensure a transparent and ethical textile, clothing and footwear industry. The Sample Room works collaboratively with ECA as part of its ongoing commitment to offering ethically made products in Australia.