Testimonials from Mentorees

What our mentorees have said about their time in the mentoring program


Coming from a business background and running a successful importing and wholesale business over the last 10 years in the giftware industry was not enough to prepare me for the fashion industry.


Having just completed the Sample Room mentoring program I have found the information I have learnt along the way to have been priceless.

Coming from a business background and running a successful importing and wholesale business over the last 10 years in the giftware industry was not enough to prepare me for the fashion industry.

The mentoring program has helped me understand things from stitching, fabrics, labels, tags, printing, brand development through social media in basic step by step manuals, webinars and conference calls . It has also outlined the difficulties in dealing with manufacturing abroad. This awareness has helped me present clear and precise instructions to my manufacturers to be sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

I have also been lucky enough to have had the Sample Room make my patterns and spec sheets for me and this has made the whole process of developing my concepts much easier. So thanks so much Julia. I realise I am not quite there yet but I am very happy that I have someone like you who has been in the industry for a very long time guiding me along the way.


Suzanne-Little Yellow Cloud– Mentoring participant


I did have second thoughts about starting the mentoring program due to my ‘remote’ location yet through monthly meetings and forums I have never felt isolated or at a disadvantage.


Thank you so much Julia for creating the mentoring program it has been such an insightful and practical experience to learn what is REALLY involved in starting your own label.

I have had an idea floating around in my head for quite some time and that’s all it was, an idea until I started Julia’s mentoring program with Sample Room. Without the resources, assistance and advice within the mentoring program it would still just be an idea, so I’m am extremely proud to say that my little label is well on it’s way to launching soon all thanks to Sample Room.

As a preschool teacher I had no idea about the fashion industry, the mentoring program has not only assisted me with design and pattern making but in all aspects of business with prompts and advice on budgets and costings, manufacturing, web design and social media to name but a few. As this is a self paced learning approach, I have found it really easy to fit in with my full time work and family responsibilities.

I did have second thoughts about starting the mentoring program due to my location as I live in a small country town in Northern NSW about 14 hours from Melbourne, yet through monthly meetings and forums with other mentorees and Julia, Skype calls as well as  emails I have never felt isolated or at a disadvantage. Julia and her team are always helpful and professional with any little question or query.

I cannot recommend Sample Room’s mentoring program highly enough, thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile project.

Kylie Hill– Mentoring participant




After having a disastrous experience manufacturing offshore


Thank you to the Sample Room team! After having disastrous experiences manufacturing offshore I sought out the assistance of Julia and her team who have helped me through the sampling process from initial conception right through to working with a wonderful manufacturer. The mentoring program is a great tool for people without industry experience who are looking to understand all of the complexities of starting your own label…and there are a lot! I am particularly satisfied with the personal approach Julia has taken with me and my particular set of needs. I 100% plan on continuing to work with the Sample Room!

Simone Farrugia-Guiro– Mentoring participant


We couldn’t have embarked on the development of our label without the mentor program.


My daughter and I have been interested in establishing our own fashion label for a couple of years now. We discovered Sample Room when we started to search for pattern makers. We really knew very little about the process of moving design ideas to actually producing garments and taking them to market. We saw from Sample Room’s website that they were able to assist with the whole process. On our initial contact, they mentioned the mentoring program and we jumped at the opportunity.

It has really been worth the commitment of time to attend the sessions. Julia and the team are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Sessions are well structured and answer all the questions we have about each step in the process. It’s also really valuable to learn from the experiences of our fellow ‘mentorees‘. We’ve learned a great deal about the process and pitfalls along the way. It’s also been valuable to have been put in touch with websites and reading to build our knowledge of the business.

We couldn’t have embarked on the development of our label without the Mentor program. We are now planning to move into our second range and will be able to apply the learnings. I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to develop a label in the fashion business. http://www.mhoomhoo.com.au/

Helen and Alice – Mentoring participants-http://www.mhoomhoo.com.au/


My crazy idea for a new design is nearly ready to hit the market!


“Where do I start!! Julia from the Sample Room has just been an absolute godsend! When I came to her earlier this year with my crazy idea for a new design in men’s suits, I knew straight away that she was the perfect person to help me with this project.

From her constructive advice on the designs, to her valuable knowledge about fabric, pattern making and manufacturing, she has just been the wealth of information that I really needed in these early stages of my new business. I’m the kind of person who gets easily overwhelmed, however Julia has been so patient and understanding with my constant questions and is always happy to explain the ins and outs to every single aspect of the manufacturing industry.

She is so resourceful, personable and has a lovely positive nature about her and just a few months on, my idea has turned into an awesome product that is nearly ready to hit the market. Thank you so much Julia, I couldn’t have done this without you!!”

Julia – Mentoring participant


Julia and her team helped me every step of the way


I think the biggest problem with starting a label is knowing where one starts. The answer is the Sample Room Mentoring Program. In joining the mentoring program it has been the most amazing and beneficial experience having entered the fashion industry.

Julia and her team are just simply amazing. They’ve helped me every step of the way, teaching, explaining everything one needs to know when creating a label and introducing me to most amazing people, who have all helped me in my fashion industry endeavours.

Without them I wouldn’t have gotten to the stage I am at now. Words cannot explain how great the mentoring program is and how amazing Julia and her team are. I more than highly recommend the mentoring program for anyone who wants to start their own label.

Aamir – Mentoring Participant – http://www.jddenim.com/


A mentoring program that sets you on the right track and keeps you on target


It is difficult to find information on starting a fashion label when you have no experience in that industry, contacts such as manufacturers, suppliers of wholesale fabrics etc. are tightly guarded secrets.

Prior to meeting Julia and the Sample Room, I engaged the services of another provider who totally misled me in terms of their knowledge. On the other hand, Julia is extremely professional, she shares information and gets you on the right track.

The mentoring program keeps you on target with getting your label to market, you also meet other interesting people and share information. I can highly recommend the mentoring program.

Janice – Mentoring participant – http://www.icelandicblue.com/