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Are you an established business who needs more than pattern making and sample making services? Do you often wonder if there is a better way to solve the issues in your production processes? Our consultation services are designed for the established business and can help in a  range of ways to help you get the most out of our patternmaking and sample making services.

If you need an industry expert to give you professional technical advice, we are here to help. With experience in a variety of businesses and having working with over 600 designers through Sample Room, we can show you a clear path to improving your production processes and technical education

Please Email, Call on 03 9041 3488 or Skype on to arrange a time that best suits you.

If you are just starting out in your fashion business then please have a look at our courses page to help you in the start up stage of your business.

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The cost of a pattern maker can seem a waste of money if patterns are not used effectively and efficientl. You may have 100’s of patterns but no consistency or system to keep track. We have worked with many businesses to steamline the process adn bring clarity to their pattern making library.

Let us help you get the most financial benefit from our investment. Call us to discuss your needs on 03 9041 3488.


If a niche market is the key to the success of a new label then a block library must be created for your target market

We can help you create the basic blocks and fit for your business vision. Call us to discuss your needs on 03 9041 3488.


As the retail market tightens its belt and customers are more discerning on their retail spend it is more important than ever to ensure there is no reason for them to change to another brand. If you feel that the technical elements of fit and finish are letting your brand down then we are here to help. A discussion and review of your current business can uncover secrets to business success. Call us to discuss your needs on 03 9041 3488.


Do you have an idea but find it hard to visually communicate it and need someone to draw your designs?

Do you require range board creation from your sketches?

Are you looking for someone to assist with market research and range development for a new idea?

We have in house designers who are here to assist you in all area of design. Call us to book an appointment on 03 9041 3488


It is not until you are in the middle of production that you might realize that the technical knowledge needed is not your strength. Whilst we do not provide production management services we do offer production advise to assist when problems occur. So whether you require assistance in QC at the factory or you have a production issue you don’t know how to solve we can assist you in house or at your factory. Call us to discuss your needs on 03 9041 3488.


We are often asked by larger businesses for assistance in training their young teams in all areas of technical training. Please call us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

Here are some of the services that Sample Room

offers to help you with your designs.