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Our clients and what they have to say about Sample Room


logo (1)Sha-de is Sample Room’s in house label. A range of locally knitted and made lifestyle garments for women and children. Ethically made from bamboo and technically knitted for high sun protection, you will be surprised to know just how fashionable sun protection can be. See more at www.sha-de.com.   Our own brand also enables us to share and understand the stories and experiences of running a fashion business which we pass on to our clients to help develop their own successful labels. Julia – Designer, Sha-de

logo (2)“We wouldn’t be where we are today without having found the Sample room.  We look at the Sample Room as an extension of our team, both listening and giving great feedback and advice on how to get the best fitting design possible. When they work on a project they are 100% focused, treating each project with the utmost care and respect. I have and will continue to recommend them to fellow designers, a truly talented team.” Kerry Pietrobon – Designer & Owner, Harlow

logo.1484192899“Here at ioMerino, we’re incredibly grateful for the Sample Room’s assistance in developing our premium range of merino wool outdoor clothing garments. As we specialise in technical garments, the Sample Room bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling merino wool fabrics, plus technical knowledge in developing and grading of patterns for active wear clothing. They’re able to develop our required design styles through a sketch and always have a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Their ability to work on our pattern and sample needs with efficiency, despite being in another state also helps to make the whole process seamless.” Emma Michell – ‎Brand Manager, ioMerino

logo_1465788922__16021“Sample Room has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Julia and her team are responsive and proactive at every contact point. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any other business seeking their services.” Karin Otto – Senior Designer, Engine Swim

cropped-cropped-Pirates-of-the-Playground1“After spending some time manufacturing offshore, finding it difficult to relay design information and waiting weeks or months for turn around on sampling, the Sample Room has made my lifer so much easier. Working along side the Sample Room has been fantastic. They have been able to provide me with clear and precise computer graded patterns which enable me to be able to sample onshore with local manufacturers. It also saves me lots of time by sending my own hard copy patterns offshore, rather than waiting and hoping to see if the factory gets it right. Shahn and Julia have been fantastic to work alongside and when ever I have needed anything they have responded efficiently and helped me out very quickly.  Thank you to The Sample Room!”  Jess Nicolaou – Designer, Pirates of the Playground

SovHill-Goldpan-Logo“Sovereign Hill Costume Department has worked with Sample Room for multiple projects, some of which required developing intricate detailed garments at museum replica quality. The Sample Room’s expertise in fit has been invaluable, ensuring that our vast range of sizes fits well and is consistent across styles. We have also used Pattern Room for basic garment styles, knowing that the design and fit has been fine-tuned without the costs of starting from scratch.” Erin Santamaria – Costume Manager, Sovereign Hill

104feb_4d886b6c546d48d78026ccfd46be9242“My daughter and I have been interested in establishing our own fashion label for a couple of years now. We discovered Sample Room when we started to search for pattern makers. We really knew very little about the process of moving design ideas to actually producing garments and taking them to market. We saw from Sample Room’s website that they were able to assist with the whole process. On our initial contact, they mentioned the mentoring program and we jumped at the opportunity. It has really been worth the commitment of time to attend the sessions. Julia and the team are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Sessions are well structured and answer all the questions we have about each step in the process. It’s also really valuable to learn from the experiences of our fellow ‘mentees‘. We’ve learned a great deal about the process and pitfalls along the way. It’s also been valuable to have been put in touch with websites and reading to build our knowledge of the business. We couldn’t have embarked on the development of our label without the Mentor program. We are now planning to move into our second range and will be able to apply the learnings. I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to develop a label in the fashion business.” Helen and Alice – Fashion Label Launchpad members

10655044_692709634142044_1265992932_a“I think the biggest problem with starting a label is knowing where one starts. The answer is the Sample Room Mentoring Program. In joining the mentoring program it has been the most amazing and beneficial experience having entered the fashion industry. Julia and her team are just simply amazing. They’ve helped me every step of the way, teaching, explaining everything one needs to know when creating a label and introducing me to most amazing people, who have all helped me in my fashion industry endeavours. Without them I wouldn’t have gotten to the stage I am at now. Words cannot explain how great the mentoring program is and how amazing Julia and her team are. I more than highly recommend the mentoring program for anyone who wants to start their own label.” Aamir Chaudhry – Fashion Label Launchpad member




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