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Starting a label in this industry can sometimes feel all too difficult, from the lack of communication from suppliers and manufacturers, through to not knowing how to start and what people need from you.

Sample Room has worked with 100’s of start-ups since we launching the business in 2009. We love it as we have worked out exactly what you need to know to get the results you want. From over 15,000 emails sent to us over the years, we have pulled out the most common questions and have put them into this Free video.

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Starting a fashion label
Pattern Maker Australia

Fashion Label Launchpad

Ethical Start-Up Program (coming soon)

Manufacturing Checklist (coming soon)

6 Ways to Save Money

10 Tools to Start a Label (coming soon)

Monthly Workroom Tour (watch this space)

What you need to do – with Live Q&A (head to our Facebook or Instagram)

Ethical Clothing Australia

Sample Room is proudly ethically accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. This independent accreditation means you can be assured that the team at Sample Room work in a safe environment and are paid in accordance with all applicable awards. This is not an idle claim and one that is more than words on a website. 

We invite all our clients to visit our workroom to help understand what is involved in developing and making your products. Sample Room is leading the way to provide transparency in everything we do to better arm our clients to succeed in their endeavours. 

Where you are a start-up or experienced designer, Sample Room strives to provide you with an outcome that displays pride in the finest of workmanship.