FLL Program

Follow your fashion Dreams to Success with the Fashion Label Launchpad

The ultimate Guide to Product Development and Manufacturing


Get ready…it’s time to launch your label and see your creations turn from dreams into fashion reality!

Everything you need to create a fast growing and profitable fashion business. 

This six month online training program is specifically designed for emerging fashion designers that want to create a creative business model and grow fast.  Enrolment is now open!

After having disastrous experiences manufacturing offshore I sought out the assistance of Julia and her team who have helped me through the sampling process from initial conception right through to working with a wonderful manufacturer. 

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Transform your fashion ideas to reality through hands-on, strategic and practical knowledge that every successful creative needs to know.

We know there are many courses out in the market that teach marketing and PR but this course is DIFFERENT. We teach you how to produce your range. The technical details on how to make, manufacture and deliver. You may have a notepad full of ideas and know how to market them but lack the know-how to make it a reality.

This course teaches you the secrets that take years in the industry to learn. Let us introduce you to how you can make your ideas a reality.

Become profitable and grow fast.

This six month program is designed specifically to support you while you create your range. No need to wait till the end of the course to start. You can harness the knowledge on how to produce your range locally. We cover all the details of development so often hidden as the industry’s best kept secret. You will produce a unique range of products ethically and locally. Cut out the middle man, understand the development and manufacturing process, and create a direct relationship with your suppliers and customer. By the end of this program, you will have a clear road map along with specific techniques and guidelines on how to design, develop and produce your product range and grow your business to go it alone next season.

I did have second thoughts about starting the mentoring program due to my ‘remote’ location yet through monthly meetings and forums I have never felt isolated or at a disadvantage. 

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In this online course, you’ll learn: 

  • How to create an ethical fashion brand that stands out from the crowd.
  • How to budget and get started on a small investment.
  • How to create a small capsule collection to create buzz.
  • Ways to test your product ideas before you invest time and money.
  • The process from drawing your design through to finished product ready to deliver.
  • How to draw your designs so they can be interpreted by a pattern maker effectively.
  • Detailed fabric knowledge, what works with different garments and what to look out for to ensure you produce a quality garment at a good price.
  • How to specify details on your design for manufacturing.
  • Sourcing of fabrics, trims and manufacturers.
  • How to establish cost sheets and production costing.
  • Details on how to record and track information for effective production management.
  • How to produce photo shoots, websites and your social media profiles.
  • Technical information on grading, and factory communication.
  • Important details for selling and distributing your range to retailers.
  • Money back guarantee within first 2 weeks.

Program Format: 

  • Weekly video based modules.
  • Weekly live office hours webinar where you can get answers to your questions.
  • Customised easy-to-do downloadable templates for you to apply to your ethical fashion business.
  • Access to our emerging designer community that will support you and help you grow.

Coming from a business background and running a successful importing and wholesale business over the last 10 years in the giftware industry was not enough to prepare me for the fashion industry

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Who should take this course?

This program is perfect for designers creating clothing, home textiles, shoes, bags and accessories. Whether you are new to business or have been in business for a while and looking to take it to the next level, this mastermind is designed for you.

When can I start?

This course is available as you need. We know you want to get started now so we don’t want to hold you up.

Sign up here to secure your place.

Hear what past mentorees have said about their experience

Why six months?

Six months is a design cycle from development to distribution. We will keep you on track with where you need to be. In a fast paced development cycle it is important to have a coach by your side to guide you through to a successful launch and instant sales. It is important to embark on these wild journeys with others. Every month in our studio sessions you will be joined by other creative, passionate designers who are travelling the same uncharted waters with you. They will also come with questions and answers for you to learn from. Share in the journey and learn from others on our monthly calls and quadruple your learnings. Our designer forum is there to support you in between with questions and answers to all your burning questions. You will find a wealth of knowledge from past participants who have gone before you. We want to make sure that you take full advantage of all there is to learn about this secretive industry.

Is this the right program for me? 

Click here for some FAQ’s and our answers to them.

About the Instructor: Julia Van Der Sommen
Julia Van Der Sommen has worked in Australia and Europe, with large and prestigious labels as well as small boutique designers. She understands what it really means to bring a design to life. Julia loves to see designers succeed – and loves to share her knowledge and experience – as well as the horror stories that are a fact of the fashion life!

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When you complete the program, you will get access to the following:

Lifelong access to the videos and training material and support thread to help support you and grow your business.

Case studies of our favourite ethical businesses and how they created success.

A complete resource list of websites, blogs, and easy to use tools for your fashion business.


What’s Inside the Sample Room Mentoring Program?

In six months, you will learn specific techniques, road maps, real life case studies of successful designers and step by step guides to achieve success in your business.


After having disastrous experiences manufacturing offshore I sought out the assistance of Julia and her team who have helped me through the sampling process from initial conception right through to working with a wonderful manufacturer.Simone Farrugia –Guiro– Mentoring participantClick to read more


We start the program out with the basics. We DEFINE the framework of your range. Your client, timelines, costs and ways to communicate with the team you will employ.  It is important to have a clear vision of these areas so you know what there is in store for the next months. Without these core basics you will be like a ship without a keel. Your working folder is essential in this set up stage and we will show you how to set this up.

Some of the key insights

  • How much will each garment cost?
  • How much does it cost to start a label?
  • What do I need before coming to a pattern maker?
  • What is the process from drawing to finished product ready to deliver?
  • How do I start my marketing so I am ready when I launch?



You probably have thousands of sketches or maybe a great idea in your head. During the second stage of the mentoring program we discuss the details of DESIGN so you reach your creative outcome. Sometime explaining the details is the difference between a successful range and a pile of rags.

Some of the key insights

  • How to draw your designs so they can be interpreted by a pattern maker
  • Learn about the process in great detail
  • What fabric work with each garment type
  • Finishes that give your garments an extra edge in design and a higher perceived value
  • We also go into the detail of what you will need to source for each of your garments



Now you have your detailed drawings it is time to learn about the manufacturing process. The more knowledge you have about DEVELOPING YOUR PRODUCT, the more money and time you can save. You relationship with your manufacturer is very important. Preparation is important so you have all the information you need to make the next step of manufacturing easier.

Some of the key insights

  • Machinery names and uses
  • How do I record and communicate with factories
  • What accessories and trims do I need on my garments to comply with industry
  • How to establish your cost sheets, mark ups and margins



The BRAND YOU DEVELOP is just as important as the product you produce. Social media makes it easier to get your name out there, but how do you use each platform to grow your business. The photos on your website are the first impression that your clients will have of your brand. Photo shoots are complicated to organise and they can cost so much. We talk about how to do this cost effectively and with great results.

Some of the key insights

  • Creating your website
  • What you need before you brief your web developer
  • How to organise a photo shoot
  • How to save money on your first photo shoot
  • How to create your selling material
  • How to use your images on social media



Manufacturing is the biggest mystery in the process. Information on time lines and production costing needs to come from a professional who has worked in the industry for years and through all sorts of difficult circumstances. There are so many things that DUPLICATING your product can and will go wrong. We will discuss many case studies and give you a great grounding and a head start to learning to avoid the pitfalls. Use your mentoring call this month to ask specific questions about your production needs.

Some of the key insights

  • The pre-production process – how to you make sure your manufacturer can repeat your great sample?
  • Sample making ins and outs
  • I am thinking of producing offshore – what are the basics that I need to know?
  • Grading details – sizes, charts, what you need to understand before you start
  • How do I check that my production is correct?



Selling and DISTRIBUTING are just as important as designing. Once you have a customer then it is very important that you do everything you can to keep them. There are many different ways to sell and deliver your range. With each method there are things to think about. Most importantly you want to WOW your customer so they come back for more next range and Buy Buy Buy!

Some of the key insights

  • Different ways to sell your range
  • Am I selling it for enough or too much?
  • Can I find an agent to sell my range?
  • What legal documents do I need and how can I get paid?
  • Accounting and bookkeeping – easy ways to keep track
  • Designing for the next season – how to start all over again




You don’t know where you are going if you don’t have a map. This bonus gives you the one on one undivided attention with an industry expert to discuss your brand ideas and give you a clear path to success; understanding the path you need to take and giving you the tools and charts needed to get there. This is the perfect start to your fashion design business journey.



It is at about three months that you may start to waiver and wonder why you started your dream business. In a personal meeting, sit down and discuss what your barriers and concerns are and get real industry answers to take you to the next level. This meeting is invaluable to help you over the bumps and give you confidence that you have the right support around you to help reach your fashion dreams.