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Start Up Launching Point

Welcome to Sample Room Start up- Before you go any further, please play the FREE video above where we will answer the most common questions for you.

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Manufacturing discovery MASTERCLASS

1 hour live on-line masterclass with Julia Van Der Sommen
for $44 (inc. gst)

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Are You Starting A Clothing Or Accessories Label?

I am so glad you have found us!

I am sure if you have been searching for a while or you have spoken to other businesses…You may have found it quite hard to get the right information and maybe you are feeling a bit lost.
– Have you found that people just don’t answer your calls or seem disinterested in working with you?
– Have you been told that someone is booked out or can’t start your designs for another year?
– Have you started development but did not get what you wanted and are frustrated that is all seems a bit too hard?
I hear you and have heard this from 100’s of startups.
I want to help you understand why this might be happening and what you can do so that your voice is heard, and your designs are realised to follow your dream.
My name is Julia and I have put together this special Masterclass based on the number 1 request we receive from the 1000’s of startups that have contacted Sample Room.
Join our weekly masterclass and live Q & A to find out the secret to what a manufacturer needs from you to want to work with you in the fashion and textiles industry.
In this Masterclass I will answer questions like:
  • What you need to know when choosing a local versus an overseas manufacturer.
  • What does a manufacturer need from you when you are manufacturing in Australia?
  • What is your role in the development and manufacturing process?
  • A breakdown of the costs involved in development and manufacturing to understand what cost are involved before you start.
  • What is involved in a tech pack that works and when each page is created.
  • What you need know before you choose a manufacturer for you.
  • A timeline of the full development process and manufacturing.
  • How much should you be selling your Australian made products for.
Sample Room is a product development house that also offers manufacturing to our Fashion Label Launchpad clients. I know exactly what it takes to make you into an easy client that I want to work with.
By now, you may have looked around our website and realised that we offer everything you have been looking for, Pattern making, Sample making, Grading, Specification, and local Production…but there is one more, crucial component that’s needed for someone who is just starting up, insider knowledge.
Feel like everyone is hiding information from you? This might not be the case. One reason you are not getting the answers you want is because what you think is a quick answer, might be such a big question to someone who knows, that they don’t even know how to start explaining it.
The Fashion Industry is full of mystery and from the outside it might not seem so hard. You just draw a picture, and a Manufacturer will make it, right? Unfortunately not, there are so many more steps involved that you would never imagine until you get started.
After more than 12 years in the business of helping start-ups launch, we would like to take you on a journey to start your discovery.
The Start Up Launching Point is the perfect place to start this includes a short video (above) which outlines some of the basics and the option to sign up for our Manufacturing Discovery Masterclass. Run weekly and hosted by industry veteran and founder of Sample Room, Julia Van Der Sommen. In the Manufacturing Discovery Masterclass, Julia will cover off the questions she gets asked all the time, outline the process to get manufacturer ready, how Sample Room can help get you there with our Fashion Label Launchpad program and then open the floor for Q & A – get ready to ask your burning questions!
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1 hour live on-line masterclass with Julia Van Der Sommen
for $44 (inc. gst)

We will guide you through every step of the way!