Just Getting Started?



I am so glad you have found us!

I am sure if you have been searching for a while or you have spoken to other businesses…You may have found it quite hard to get the right information and maybe you are feeling a bit lost.


By now, you may have looked around our website and realized that we offer everything you’ve been looking for, Pattern making, Sample making, Grading, Specification, and local Production…but there is one more, crucial component that’s needed for someone who is just starting up, Insider knowledge.


We love working with start-ups, because we have found the best way to support and educate them through the entire process.

Have you spoken to other Patternmakers and Manufacturers, but have been told that they are too busy or that you are not the right customer for them?


Feel like everyone is hiding information from you? This might not be the case. One reason you aren’t getting the answers you want is because what you think is a quick answer, might be such a big question to someone who knows, that they don’t even know how to start explaining it.


The Fashion Industry is full of mystery and from the outside it might not seem so hard. You just draw a picture and a Manufacturer will make it, right? Unfortunately not, there are so many more steps involved that you would never imagine until you get started.

After nearly 10 years in the business of helping start-ups launch, we would like to take you on a journey to start your discovery.


The Discovery Session is the perfect starting point: this includes a 30-minute video conference call with one of our Production Specialists to talk about your vision and for us to ask a few questions so we can guide you to what would be the best process for you to move forward. This also includes access to our popular one hour Information Session webinar, including:


*   The most common questions start-ups ask

*   The 5 things to prepare before meeting a Patternmaker

*   Insider secrets, tips, and strategies for a successful start to your business

*   How much will it cost?

*   How and where to find support

*   Why starting with a Specification/ Tech pack is not the right way to develop a product

Veronica Villani said-‘A wealth of information to have a better idea how to begin our start up’

After purchasing the Discovery Session you will be sent an email with the details to book your call and the link to the 1 hour video, be sure to check your junk folder if you do not see the email.

This process is by far the best way to prepare for and spend your money in the right say so by the time we meet in a business consultation, you can make the most of the money and the time we spend together.

In the early days we became so disheartened with clients who came to us with fantastic ideas and a very clear vision, but didn’t know what to do, where to go and how to take the next step; and as a result failed to make it to their second season.


I thought ‘If only I could just guide them through the first 6 months/ first design cycle they would then have the knowledge to successfully launch their range’.



Learning how to develop and produce your range the right way is critical to your success!


There is a SMART way of launching your business and an EXPENSIVE way.


Ann Foong sais-‘Good tips on starting out a fashion label & what are the key important bits to consider’

Our 1-hour Information Session is there to answer the most common questions we are asked and give you guidance before you take the next step.

Rhea Vin said-‘A lot of relevant exciting information about Sample Room, sounds like just what I was looking for’

You will leave this Discover Session with

  • A clear idea of the next steps that you need to take

  • A greater understanding of the possible pitfalls of the fashion industry

  • Strategies you can use to get started – and be successful

  • The specific information that you will need to turn your ideas into reality

  • An understanding if you have the knowledge you need or if you need further information

We will also let you know about how you can find more information through our mentoring program.

Investing $30 and 30 minutes of your time with Julia will be the best thing that you do before you take the bigger step and invest $1000’s in your idea.


What is it worth to you to get started on the right track and to know what to do to stay there?


This is what other attendees have said about the info session:


A lot! Especially hidden costs of overseas production- Kara Lui


Clear idea of the process of design to sample- Liz Hayes


Excellent info on Start-up- Ryan Kerr


Lots of introductory information on start-ups- Georgie Cordes


Inspiration to get started again. How to design in a more organized way- Toni


A thorough look at what/the different elements I need to consider to set get my line started- Angela Moran


Heaps of ideas! Lots of knowledge- Ashlee Gatgens


A lot of insight. It was very good to get this understanding- Alice Lewis


Lots of information that I trust because its coming from someone with experience- Estafania


Puts everything into perspective- Mikaela Beattie