Individual Services


Pattern Making

Our Patternmakers will work with you to create the perfect fit. With extensive experience in all facets of the fashion industry, you can feel confident that your patterns are created accurately and professionally to save you time and money.

We provide you with creative pattern making solutions to express your designs with expertise and ensure accurate samples and problem free manufacturing. Accuracy in design, pattern making, grading and specifications is essential for smooth onshore and offshore manufacturing. Marker making, plotting and CAD digital patterns for offshore factories are also available for complete manufacturing information.

Sample Making

We work along side some of the most experienced sample machinists in the industry to create patterns that transition to manufacturing with ease.


Would you like an expert to fit your pattern and to look over your designs?
We love fittings. Working with our clients to collaborate on their vision is exciting and utilising our trained professional eye to offer suggestions on improvements to maximise the garments sales appeal is where we excel.

Extensive Block Garment Library

Imagine trying on the fit of a garment before you have even started the design process. At Sample Room we have developed an extensive garment block library to assist with communicating your design. We have perfected the fit of t-shirts. Jumpers, Trackpants, Leggings, shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Pants and Jackets. Overcoming some of the most difficult fit issues. Armholes and Collar and Crotch shaping are notorious for causing multiple samples. During the design meeting we will utilise garments over 6 different fit profiles so you can see exactly how your garment will fit before adding design features.


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