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Are you new to the fashion industry?

You may have already found it impossible to find any information on how to navigate the many processes and suppliers involved, and to top it all off everyone seems so secretive. If you are confused or frustrated then you have come to the right place!

We have met 1000’s of emerging designers and have guided them through the entire process.

Before we start developing your designs, we encourage you to explore below the 3 different ways we can help guide you.

The Discovery Session Package is the perfect starting point: this includes access to our popular one hour Information Session webinar detailing all of our most asked questions and overviewing the process for you. This also includes a 30-minute video conference call with one of our Production Specialists to talk about your vision and for us to ask a few questions so we can guide you to what would be the best process for you to move forward. This is designed to give you an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for development and manufacturing. We encourage you to watch this webinar if you are new to the Industry, recently studied fashion, or at a stage in your business where you want to take that next step to larger scale production. The video is essential viewing before your conference call to ensure you make the most of that time spent.

Our regular Workshops are located at Sample Room and detail the costs involved in starting a fashion label. This is perfect for someone who would like to start fashion label but needs to first set out a budget covering all expenses. 

You can then choose from the Fashion Label Launchpad. We can discuss in the Discovery Session which might be the better choice for your business and learning style.

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

Not sure where to start in launching your fashion label? Start here! Included in the Discover Session is a 30-minute video conference with a Production Specialist and a 1 hour in-depth Information Session.

Workshop: The REAL Costs Of Launching A Fashion Label

Workshop: The REAL Costs Of Launching A Fashion Label

Want to learn about how to budget for a new fashion label? Then join our interactive workshop in Melbourne, Australia where you will learn about everything your budget needs to include before starting a fashion label.

Fashion Label Launchpad

Fashion Label Launchpad

Our ultimate Industry training program to guide you through the Product Development and Manufacturing processes. Included is life-time access to a library of videos, supportive documents, community and more.


In most cases, the journey for new designers is as follows with a minimum completion duration of 9 weeks plus production:


Discovery Session

Gain invaluable feedback on your ideas and understands the process.


Join Fashion Label Launchpad

Become a member of our mentee program.


Design Brief Consultation

Brief us on your designs to receive a detailed flat rate quotation.


Pattern Development

Our professional pattern makers will develop your pattern.


First Sample

Also known as a toile this will allow you to see your patterns in a basic fabric. 



Try on your first sample to assess fit.



We will go back to the pattern and make any alterations.


Second Sample

This time a sample is made in your fabric.



Now try on the sample in your desired fabric.



Again, we go back to the pattern to make any alterations.



Once the pattern is perfect it is graded.



And markers are added.



Technical specifications are mapped out ready for production.



Production can either be done in-house or you can approach another manufacturer with all details required ready.


We are Ethically Accredited Experts in Textile Technology

Sample Room is recognised as Australia’s leading complete pattern making, sampling and product development service for the Australian and international fashion industry.

With over 25 years experience in the fashion industry, our founder Julia Van der Sommen is not only a pattern maker herself, but has been involved in the launch of hundreds of fashion labels. 

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Whether you are new to the fashion industry or an experienced designer, sometimes you just need a consultation with an industry expert to discuss your label needs. Book in for a 1 hour consultation with one of our Senior Development Specialist today.

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