Business Consultation

Would you like to talk to an industry professional about your idea?

The Business Review is a one on one 1 hour consultation to get a real understanding of your business and business goals. Through discussing your designs, production process, and a retail plan we can give you guidance on the best steps to take.

During this meeting, we will discuss your business idea, your target customer, your marketing and business goals and lay out a business roadmap to give you a detailed plan to business successfully.

One of the best outcomes of the meeting is a clear understanding of whether you want to continue now or if you feel you need to go away and plan further before you are ready for this next big step. Don’t be too concerned if you walk out of the meeting with a spinning head and a list longer than you ever thought possible. Some people go away with a whole new perspective and understand how their business idea can evolve.

Success is in the preparation and we are here to help.

To get the most benefit out of the meeting we suggest that you first click on the link HERE and spend some time looking at the information session video – if you haven’t already. This video will answer many of your general questions so you can utilise the time in your business consultation on the questions specific to your business. There is a $20 investment for the video and this means you can use your $220 investment for the consultation much more wisely.

To ensure you have all the information you need to explain your business ideas in the clearest way,please have a look over the checklist below.

This will help with a quick & easy development process.

  • Sketches of your designs, these are better as trade sketches. Trade sketches are drawn straight on and are even left and right. People often draw fashion sketches where the body is turned side on and it is very hard for me to judge the garments.
  • Alternatively, you can bring pictures from magazines, garments and a variety of both of these.
  • Bust, waist and hip measurements of your base size. If you don’t have these we can just use industry standard sizing. This is more important if you are targeting a special market like tall people or plus size.
  • What your fabrics will be like.