Start Up Launching Point

– Are you frustrated that people just don’t answer your calls or seem disinterested in working with you?

– Have you been told that someone is booked out or can’t start your designs for another year?

– Have you started development but did not get the result you wanted and are frustrated that it all seems a bit too hard?


Find out what a manufacturer needs from you so you understand the commitment you need to make.

I am sure if you have been searching for a while or you have spoken to other businesses…You may have found it quite hard to get the right information and maybe you are feeling a bit lost.

I hear you and have heard this from 1000’s of startups.

I want to help you understand why this might be happening and what you can do so that your voice is heard, and your designs are realised to follow your dream.

My name is Julia and I have put together this special Masterclass based on the questions I know you need answered to know how to progress.

I want to help you understand the next steps to take.

The Manufacturer Discovery Masterclass will guide you on how to find a manufacturer and what they will need from you. The session is hosted by Julia Van Der Sommen, a 27 year veteran of the industry.

In the Masterclass, Julia will answer these questions, and more:

– How much does it cost?

– How do I chose between local and overseas manufactures?

– What does a manufacturer need from you?

– What is your role in the process?

– What is involved in a Tech Pack that actually works?

– What you need to know before you chose a manufacturer?

– How long does it take? 


Still not sure?
Find out what others have said about the Masterclass

Fantastic. Julia went above and beyond to share her knowledge with the group and was more then willing to answer the barrage of questions I had for her. Her experience is really on point and answered and explained things with fluency and a deep understanding.

An excellent class with lots of useful information. Julia’s wealth of knowledge shone through. Thank you

Very informative. We were after some structure in planning next steps and that’s what its given us.

Very informative. I’m feeling really excited about the possibilities. Thanks

Excellent interactive meeting for newbies like me, who are just taking their first steps into the world of fashion!